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Creative, flexible, meticulous and direct: we believe these are the reasons why our business has thrived in a volatile sector for over a decade.

Our continuing success has given our clients the confidence to maintain long-lasting relationships, often encompassing multiple major commissions.

Creative Approach

V-On has operated at the forefront of commercial digital solutions and creative online production for more than a decade.

We aim to provide tools that enhance and enable your business. Our strength lies in the ability to connect client objectives with a deep understanding of how users interact with online properties.

We follow a strict process-driven approach, governed by a triangular relationship between:

  • Meticulous translation of business strategy
  • Bulletproof technical foundation
  • User centric and tactile interface design

In this way we develop long lasting, valuable and profitable relationships with our clients and their end users via sophisticated and innovative interactive digital properties.

Flexible Workflow

While most digital agencies follow conventional corporate structures, V-On has always believed that the complexity of online development needs a less rigid and more collaborative approach.

To this end we draw upon a global network of creative and technical talent, cherry picking the best people in their field in each case.

This has the added advantage of making us experts at delivering our solutions across different geographical and cultural environments.

Meticulous Production

We believe that "working software" should be the primary measure of progress.

We place great emphasis on pre- and post-production through scrupulous planning, detailed Wireframing and all forms of testing.

We insist on software engineering that promotes an iterative approach throughout the life-cycle of the project, strict source control, detailed commented code and meticulous documentation.

Direct Access

We dislike the hindrance to efficient communication that is all too often a feature of mid-level account management. Instead we facilitate direct exchange with our designers, developers and content producers.

However we always ensure that there is a central point of contact and knowledge.

About V-On

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